The Secret to Marketing Insights is in Personalization

Don't settle for "Dashboard" tools built by Developers who Don't Understand Your Role

We Get it, Your Needs are Unique

We understand that every marketer (from analyst to CMO) has unique needs and no tool will ever fully understand them. This is why we're leveraging our world-changing platform to give you EXACTLY what you need to be an even greater marketer.

Our experts have already worked with marketers from Fortune 100 companies all the way to startup companies.

And...We Also Include Your Team

Marketing teams need to look at the same data in different ways to do their jobs. This is why our customization approach to marketing intelligence will give you a "window" into your data for at least three management tiers. That way, we can make sure decisions are made on data that has not been skewed by anyone in their favor.


Digital Marketing Checkup

Digital Marketing Checkup

During our best-practices health check, we'll ensure that you're structurally sound in order to carry out an optimized data execution marketing strategy.

Personalized Reports & Dashboards

Personalized Reports & Dashboards

Connected dashboards that display KPIs and Benchmarks based on management level (from analyst to VP)

Training and Follow Through

Training and Follow Through

Worried you might not be a data expert yet? No need. We'll work with you to learn how to analyze your reports and dashboards to make excellent decisions.

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See What Other Marketers Have To Say About It

I didn't think it was possible to get such a great tool. I don't know of any other platform that can compare. It saves time and money and allows you to exactly pinpoint where to focus your marketing efforts to easily impact your ROI.
Kasia W.
Brand and Marketing Manager
Factivate has dramatically streamlined our ability to pull real-time data from disparate sources which we can then act on. Triggered alerts allow us to quickly reference the right information and present it to the right people at the right time, via the right channel. We love working with their data consultants who seem to live and breathe data science and have been really impressed by their ability to see data in such a unique perspective
Evan M.
Director of Business Intelligence
I'm so happy I came across Factivate's Data Experts. While our company has used Tableau, almost no one in marketing uses it anymore. Factivate's delivery of our very own custom-made solutions helped each management layer (from the regional VP to the individual brand manager) understand that our money was being wasted in some areas and allowed us to correct for it immediately. Amazing!
Ale P.
Regional Brand Manager