Google Analytics and Adwords KPIs Spreadsheet Template

Industries: Marketing, Advertising

Connected to: Google Analytics, Google Adwords
With just a few clicks, you will have an automated spreadsheet report that directly connects to your Google Analytics and Adwords accounts to get all of your KPIs. This template has been created by compiling KPI best practices data from more than 25 data-centric marketing organizations and can be used as a starting point for you to improve it.


You need a Factivate account to use this template.

Set Up & Use Instructions

Step 1

Connect to your Data Sources


Step 2

Understanding Your Automated Spreadsheet


Step 3

Customize and Enjoy!


Notes on the Google Analytics and Google Adwords KPIs Spreadsheet Template

This automated spreadsheet provides a beautiful dashboard and spreadsheet report for anyone wishing to view their website data, specifically your digital analytics data, in one place. Use the template to get a great view of your leads, conversions, and traffic data. Then use your spreadsheet formulas to build custom ratios, models, and even dashboards to share with your team, executives, and even clients.

Link your Google Adwords with your Google Analytics

The blue tabs shown all sync with Google Analytics. If you want to pull your Adwords information, ensure that you have linked your Google Analytics account with your Google Adwords.

Did you know? You can sync as many Google Analytics/Adwords accounts in Factivate. Some Factivate users have managed to create entire reports that automatically update from 25 different Google Analytics accounts.

Showcasing your conversions by Landing Page

The spreadsheet includes a formula to list the top 15 converting pages listed by Landing Page. If you wish to edit the data, simply go to cell T60 and edit the formula.