Facebook Ads/Page KPIs Spreadsheet Template

Connected to: Facebook Ads, Facebook Page, Facebook Posts

An Automated spreadsheet report that pulls your Facebook Account data from Ads, Page, and Posts. The template includes an executive dashboard that you can share with your client or team.

Notes on the Facebook Account, Ads and Insights, KPIs Spreadsheet Template

This is the Facebook Ads and Insights spreadsheet template you have asked for! It takes just a few seconds to connect to your Facebook Ads and Page data for you begin saving time and money from manual reporting practices. The workbook includes an instructions tab as well as specific spreadsheet tabs for a client dashboard, a week over week Facebook ads report, and even a week over week Facebook posts report.

You can add as many Facebook accounts as you wish. It's as easy as adding a new spreadsheet tab or even copying/moving an already established tab and then referencing spreadsheet cells in your formulas. No programming required.

On the Dashboard, ClientWoW report and Facebook Page report

The tabs created can be modified by you as you see fit. We have included the most important KPIs we believe you will need as well as some additional calculations. For example, we calculate a CTR for a Facebook Post even though Facebook itself does not currently report that number. Please take a look and familiarize yourself with the structure created. Note that only the text that is in BLUE is manually entered and the majority of the cells in the spreadsheet reference those "blue" text entries.