Facebook Ads KPIs Spreadsheet Template

Connected to: Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Page, Google Analytics

An automated spreadsheet report that automatically pulls your marketing KPis from Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Google Analytics data automatically. This template includes an Ad spend dashboard and a monthly report for your website and ad spend data.

Notes on the Google Analytics and Facebook spreadsheet template

Get your weekend back by automating all of your Google Analytics website, Facebook, and Instagram data at once. The real-time report is split into two three tabs: an instructions tab, a social ad spend tab, and a data report that breaks down all of your important digital marketing metrics into one place. Use this report as a starting point for you to customize or leverage the already finished product to get a great view into your digital presence. The Google Analytics combination with Facebook will help you make the best possible decisions on your user data.

Understanding the various tabs

This automated spreadsheet template includes a number of tabs for visualizing your data, reporting your data, and tracking numerous campaigns. The MonthlyDataReportTemplate tab fetches information from Google Analytics and your Facebook social data to help you compare what Google reports vs. Facebook's data. Note that this data will be different due to the inherent platform reporting differences on data. Your job as a marketer is to try to understand why they are so and this template helps you with a starting point. This template also helps you compare different Facebook Ad names in case you're actively tracking up to 4 ads consistently (or you're running different AB tests). Please let us know if you would like to add anything else to this report at support@factivate.com.